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We provide the best quality service to generate and provide you the qualified leads. 

Our Services

We can support you in these and many more ways…

Affiliate and influencer network

Lean on our network of collaborators to give your brand more visibility and generate content with influencers, micro-influencers by area, affiliates, blogs and more.

Filtering processes

If you are attracting inappropriate traffic, use our processes to profile your leads and filter the bad from the useful.

Website to convert

We direct the attention of potential customers to your website, you get exposure, your pixel collects data and more benefits.

We are Expert in Lead Generations.

We identify your ideal potential clients and apply all of our strategies to capture them and make them available to you.

Professionals focused on improving

We don't rest until we achieve perfection

We seek your specific audience

Age, gender, current interests, location...

Constant optimization

Adjusting monthly for eternal quality improvement

What Our Client Says

SEGURBAN intermediario
SEGURBAN intermediario
Todo okey con ellos, grandes profesionales
Sandra Lopez
Sandra Lopez
Buena calidad de leads y atención. Es un placer colaborar con empresas como Nodo Point para la adquisición de nuevos leads enfocados al servicio, siempre con capacidad de adaptación para lograr los mejores leads.
Francisco Benítez Benítez
Francisco Benítez Benítez
Buenos días. En primer lugar no podemos olvidar que trabajamos para un segmento muy complicado de la sociedad (personas que desconfían, consecuencia de que tienen una muy delicada situación económica) y al que nos dirigimos ofreciendo unos servicios, que si se analizan fríamente se deberían valorar como muy positivos, pero que supone inicialmente al cliente un desembolso económico importante, de ahí el que cueste mucho contactarlos tanto a nivel telefónico como mediante correo electrónico. El sistema y la operativa planteada por Nodo Point me parece muy acertada con independencia del gran esfuerzo que hay que hacer para conseguir captar la atención de los potenciales clientes. De la última conversación mantenida con responsables de Nodo Point hemos extractado ideas muy interesantes que pasamos a poner en práctica en espera de unos buenos resultados. Desde Dictamconsult S.L., nuestra máxima siempre es ofrecer un buen servicio tanto en atención como profesional que pueda ayudar a los clientes (eso es algo de lo que estamos a día de hoy muy orgullosos) y que nos permita un mínimo de rentabilidad empresarial. Un saludo
Asesoria Avda. Segovia
Asesoria Avda. Segovia
NODO POINT ha sido un encuentro excelente para nuestra empresa y también su director Alejandro , excelente guía y profesional para nosotros. Totalmente recomendable Francisco Prieto CEO grupo Segurban .
Ismael Soto
Ismael Soto
Llevo muchos meses recibiendo Leads para mi negocio proporcionados por Nodo Point y son numerosos, de calidad y con una gran rentabilidad, he tenido ofertas de otras empresas que ofrecen servicios similares, pero la atención, el seguimiento, la mejora continua y el saber hacer de Alejandro y su equipo no tienen precio, lo recomiendo sin duda
Organiza Tus Deudas
Organiza Tus Deudas
Muy profesionales. Atentos y buen servicio. Leads de calidad.
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Lead Acquisition (CPL)

We define the appropriate strategy and filters to find your ideal potential client so that you only pay for each lead received and validated.

In this methodology we charge a fixed cost for each of the leads that meets your requirements.
Example: Painters; requires a lead interested in painting their house, only if it is 100m2 or more in the Madrid, Capital area.

You forget about everything else, from ads, advertising budget, management, etc. and you only enjoy receiving a lead who has shown interest in your service and who has gone through a filtering process created according to your requirements

Sales Generation (CPA)

On some occasions we can send you leads and you only pay per completed sale.

For companies that have an impeccable commercial organization and well-structured sales processes.

We send you qualified leads for your service and you only pay for the sales you make.

It requires a small prior commercial audit to confirm that your processes are well formalized. After that, we can be the ones who take the risk of investing in leads, making them available to you and seeing how clients arrive.

Filtering Processes

If you are attracting inappropriate traffic, use our processes to profile your leads and filter the bad from the useful.

Marketing alone will not do magic in bringing you exactly the profile you are looking for…

You need to accompany this with a good filtering process where you identify if that potential client is really interested and meets your requirements.
Lean on our experience and let us prepare a process for you that filters out the bad leads from the ones you are really interested in giving to your sales team.

This translates into not burning your salespeople with bad leads and of course, drastically increasing your conversion percentage.

Commercial Consulting

We have commercial directors who are experts in boosting your sales, organizing, training and monitoring your team to improve their results.

In a market so saturated with offers, a well-organized sales team makes the difference.

It is vital that your team maintains a uniform discourse, that it understands the persuasion techniques that must be applied at each specific moment and, above all, that it knows how to adapt to the market sector where you are located.

Our experience in leads, marketing and sales allows us to advise you and train your team to achieve the best results.

Sales Funnel and Systems

We take care of putting together your sales process, giving you a funnel ready to use, accompanied by the necessary systems to automate everything.

We take care of structuring the stages of your funnel and accompanying it with a CRM system where you can work on your potential clients.

To achieve this, it not only requires the system as such but also the logic and experience in how to make it work for you.

We have created dozens of CRMs and we have the necessary experience so that your team stops working in Excel and moves to a professional CRM.

Call transfer (CPT)

We qualify your leads by phone and transfer them to your salespeople to complete the sale

It is very common to see sales teams burned out from talking so much with people who do not end up hiring your services.
That is why having a team that is in charge of calling, profiling, confirming interest and transferring it to your salesperson alleviates the workload and improves performance.

We have the capacity to offer you this service and you only pay for each transferred call we get.